Presentation by Alan Hadden at the Smart Mobility Summit 2017 - Lisbon, May 3-4

Recommended download: excellent insightful short report from this year's Mobile World Congress produced by our colleague Azita Arvani.

TOPICS covered in the report:

Intelligence Powering Future of Mobile
Road to 5G has Few LTE Stops
IoT, Connected and Autonomous Cars, and Smart Cities
Mobile-First Video Strategies
Phones of MWC
And One More Thing... (maybe three more!)

LTE Broadcast Alliance Forum - February 27th, 2017 at MWC2017, Barcelona

Sponsored by Ericsson. Hosted by Mr. Alan Hadden, Consultant and former GSA President


This course outlines current progress of research and standardisation on the emerging 5G system. It deals with both an end-to-end design, as well as the key aspects of new radio and architecture. Presented by 5G-Courses (20% discount - see last page of document).

Insight into how live sport is driving new mobile technology - presentation by Matt Stagg, Head of Mobile Video, EE

White paper from the LTE-Broadcast Alliance shows the progress being made in the development of eMBMS technology and broadcast / multicast services
The road to 5G from 4G/LTE via LTE-Advanced Pro systems, moving towards borderless mass market broadband, ensuring the best user experience