Alan Hadden chaired the 5G Enabled Transportation program at 5G World in London on 12 June 2019 - this presentation contains his opening remarks together with his 5G market review, and asks "is the automotive industry truly a driver for 5G?"

Posted 14th June 2019


Presentation by Alan Hadden for ComNews conference Wireless Russia & CIS: LTE, 5G and Internet of Things - Moscow, May 30-31, 2019
Includes details of network deployments, launches, user devices, subs forecast, use cases, 5G activities in Russia

Posted 30 May 2019

In this white paper Gerardo Mantilla, Artifex Consulting, discusses how spectrum should be assessed and allocated for 5G in Latin America to truly promote economic and digital transformation - his ideas could also be relevant to other markets

Posted 24 May 2019

Research by HADDEN TELECOMS confirms the current status of the developing 5G user devices ecosystem as 57 5G devices announced by 32 manufacturers

Download the SUMMARY CHART of number of devices per form factor

Posted 8 May 2019

Research by HADDEN TELECOMS of status of the 5G user devices ecosystem with a list of all devices and a summary chart, confirms 36 5G devices announced by 20 manufacturers: 14 smartphones (incl. 2 foldables), 9 modules, 7 CPE, 5 MiFi (mobile hotspots), 1 snap-on accessory

Posted 30th April 2019

Summary of the key insights and experiences about 5G shared in presentations given by senior executives from across the industry and ecosystem, which also serves as a check list of current 5G status, opportunities and challenges

Published by the event organiser - Hansecom

Posted 25 April 2019

Autonomous cars are a question of “when”, not “if". What challenges remain? How will it affect business & society? Spirent outlines the industry’s progress to date, likely next steps, and potential challenges, opportunities and pitfalls automotive research engineers will need to address as development continues.

Presentation given by Martin Beltrop, Head of Automotive, Nokia at 5G Briefing - Frankfurt, 26-27 March 2019

(organiser: Hansecom)

By Professor Christoph Thümmler,
Head, Klinik für Acute Geriatrics & Early Rehabilitation at Helios Park-Klinikum, Dir of Centre of Care of the Elderly, Leipzig
at 5G Briefing - Frankfurt, 26-27 March 2019
(organiser: Hansecom)

This report by Arthur D Little benchmarks the progress various countries have made towards their deployment of 5G and discusses the key drivers of 5G roll out

Posted April 9, 2019

Presentation given by Philippe J. Lefebvre, Head of Sector, 5G Deployment Strategy, European Commission, at 5G Briefing - Frankfurt, 26-27 March 2019

(organiser: Hansecom)

Presentation given by Stephen Douglas, CTO, Corporate Solutions & Technical Strategy, Spirent
at 5G Briefing - Frankfurt, 26-27 March 2019

(organiser: Hansecom)

White Paper: What's Driving the Connected Car?

Presentation given by Takehiro Nakamura, Senior VP, General Manager of 5G Laboratories, NTT DOCOMO, Inc.

at 5G Briefing - Frankfurt, 26-27 March 2019

(organiser: Hansecom)

Presentation given by Giovanni Romano, Standard Coordination and IPR Management, TIM
at 5G Briefing - Frankfurt, 26-27 March 2019

(organiser: Hansecom)

Chairman's introduction/presentation by Alan Hadden given at the opening of the 5G Briefing conference in Frankfurt on March 27, 2019

(organiser: Hansecom)

5G Market Reality Check: 211 operators are investing in 5G in 87 countries

Research by HADDEN TELECOMS - includes 15 operators that have commercially launched 5G.

24th March 2019

Current status of the developing 5G user devices ecosystem (phones, CPE, MiFi etc.)


Summary chart (PDF file format)

12th March 2019

Insightful 2-page summary report and analysis from the Show by expert  Azita Arvani

Observations & analysis on early examples of real digital transformation, 5G era and readiness, devices, industry security concerns

March 2019

Latest in the successful 5G Briefing series organised by Hansecom

5G Briefing Conference Chairman - Alan Hadden

Download the brochure for speakers, programme and pre-conference workshop  

Deep dive at MWC2019, Barcelona

A comprehensive analysis by the DIGITS TO DOLLARS team into all things 5G at MWC - the readiness of 5G, Use Cases, 5G ecosystem maturity ... and more

March 2019

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