Presentation/remarks by Alan Hadden

5G Briefing chairman

Istanbul, 8-9 May 2018

Presentation from Sunrise AG, Switzerland
by Aaron Pearce
Given at IMS World Forum 2018, London

Presentation from Orange Spain

by Pedro Cabrera and Alvaro Castellanos

Given at IMS World Forum 2018, London

Summarises career experience, industry roles and achievements

Founding GSA President (1998-2015)

Independent consultant since 1997

Associate of Azenby Ltd

Are enterprise CSOs really all set to sign-off on new 5G enterprise use cases? 

Insightful paper by Patrick Donegan, Principal Analyst, HardenStance

Alan Hadden is an associate of Azenby Limited (, a fast-growing group of senior wireless industries practitioners with deep practical experience & operational understanding of 2G, 3G and 4G networks as the result of many years’ experience gained working at MNOs at senior levels.

Insightful short 2-page report by expert colleague, Azita Arvani

Amongst the key themes observed:

From Smart Phones to Smart Cars to Smart Mobility, AI, 5G to Enable Autonomous Driving

Insightful short 2-page report by expert colleague, Azita Arvani

Amongst the key themes observed, 5G transition from hype to reality is accelerating

London, 25-26 April 2018

Event organised by Knect365

Day 1 chairman: Guy Redmill

Day 2 chairman: Alan Hadden (Hadden Telecoms Ltd)

Conference Chairman - Alan Hadden

5G Briefing 2018 delivered inspiring speakers on the cutting-edge technologies and new business opportunities with 5G

Exclusive report written by IQPC

Arvani Report from MWCA, San Francisco

September 12-14

August 24, 2017: VoLTE service is available on 123 LTE and LTE-Advanced networks, exactly 20% of all 615 commercially launched LTE networks worldwide

VoLTE service is available on 123 LTE or LTE-Advanced networks - download our list

By Alan Hadden at Smart Mobility Summit, Lisbon, May 3-4 2017

Insightful short report by our colleague Azita Arvani


LTE Broadcast Alliance Forum at MWC2017

Hosted by Alan Hadden


This course outlines current progress of research and standardisation on the emerging 5G system. It deals with both an end-to-end design, as well as the key aspects of new radio and architecture. Presented by 5G-Courses (20% discount - see last page of document).

How live sport is driving new mobile technology - presentation by Matt Stagg, Head of Mobile Video, EE

White paper from the LTE-Broadcast Alliance shows the progress being made in the development of eMBMS technology and broadcast / multicast services